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Envision IT. Plan IT. Execute IT. Manage IT... using innovative, lightweight, proven, process improvement strategies.

It’s not the strongest of companies that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one’s most responsive to change.

UmmelGroup’s exclusive Enterprise agilITy Assessment Workshop is geared to top level executives in private sector and government organizations, who are interested in applying innovative, proven, lightweight IT and Business Process improvement methodologies.

Planning for the workshop generally begins 3-4 weeks in advance of scheduling.   UmmelGroup works closely with the CEO, CTO, CIO, and/or Enterprise Architect to insure that the workshop is customized in support of the organization’s most pressing needs.  

The organization’s top executives (representing both business and IT) are in attendance at the onsite, 4-hour workshop.   A top-down approach insures that the workshop is “non-techie” and business-driven.   The workshop includes an executive overview and orientation to Enterprise Architecture, Enterprise Portfolio Management, and Enterprise Requirements Management.   A facilitated approach is used to collaboratively “discover” your key business architecture, based on your organization type, and to assess the alignment of IT to that architecture.   An understanding of your organization’s optimal Portfolio Management selection processes is then developed, and strategies to manage ever-changing technology and business requirements discussed.

Following the workshop, generally with 14 days, a full color, printed/bound workshop summary including recommendations for next steps, is delivered to you.   This document will serve as your “version 1.0” baseline architecture, and provide you a foundation for implementation of a tailored process improvement strategy.

Pricing for the Enterprise agilITy Assessment Workshop starts at $4,995.  Contact info@ummelgroup.com and ask for the complimentary EA/EPM/ERM whitepaper.

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